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8792 N Old St Rd 37
Bloomington IN, 47408

Too far out? Take an Uber. There are drivers that will make the trip.

The B.O.T. is open every Friday and Saturday in October from 8pm to 12am, and Halloween from 8pm to 10pm

The B.O.T. will post on Facebook and Twitter if there is going to be an early closure.

The B.O.T. accepts Cash and Credit. There is a small credit card fee.

At the B.O.T. or online at Ticketleap
The B.O.T. accepts Cash and Credit.

Adults $10.00
Children 10 and under $5.00


Yes, the B.O.T. is acceptable for all ages. The B.O.T. has been too scary for some people, both kids and adults. There are exits to leave the B.O.T. early if needed. Children can not be carried through the B.O.T..

The B.O.T. does not offer group rates at this time.

Send your name and contact information and the B.O.T. will contact you when there is an opening.


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Warning: Any persons with health problems affected by fog machines, loud noises, & flashing lights proceed at their own risk!
Warning: The B.O.T. features a very rough, uneven dirt floor. The haunt is not easily navigable for guests with walkers, canes, strollers, or wheelchairs.
We recommend closed-toed shoes. Alert to people with breathing sensitivities: the B.O.T. is a musty, sometimes damp area, with fog machines.