At The B.O.T.

Thirsty from a night of fright?

Get refreshed at the Restauhaunt during your visit to The Barn of Terror. The Restauhaunt is made available by a local vendor.

Come prepared for a night you will remember!








Warning: any persons with health problems affected by fog machines, loud noises, & flashing lights proceed at their own risk!
Warning: The B.O.T. features a very rough, uneven dirt floor. The haunt is not easily navigable for guests with walkers, canes, strollers, or wheelchairs.
We recommend closed-toed shoes. Alert to people with breathing sensitivities: the B.O.T. is a musty, sometimes damp area, with fog machines.

Disclaimer & Warning: Occasionally photography and or filming activities are conducted at the B.O.T. Entry onto the property, into the B.O.T. facility,
and/or use of an admission ticket constitutes your consent for the B.O.T. to use any pictures or films it takes that you may be in without compensation.
Patrons must comply with all B.O.T. rules and regulations as posted at the B.O.T. and it web domains; violators may be turned away without refund.