B.O.T. 2020 COVID-19 Plan

The B.O.T. will be implementing a COVID-19 plan of action. The B.O.T. has long prohibited facial coverings and masks at our venue to ensure the safety and security of our customer family and staff. With the current pandemic situation, we are temporarily suspending this rule to allow facial coverings of the nose and mouth. We strongly encourage the use of such coverings to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Please note that it is the patrons responsibility to follow all State and County orders regarding facial covering use and social distancing. The B.O.T. does not act as an enforcement agency of those public agencies or orders. All B.O.T. staff will be wearing mask when a safe 6ft distance can not be met. All items often touched by patrons will be wiped down often to help limit exposure. We will also be practicing social distancing while waiting to go into the haunt, we will have a number call out system so that patrons will not have to wait in line (similar to how restaurants do it). B.O.T. staff will have there temperatures taken prior to working and asked to leave or not show up for work if they are feeling ill. We will do our part the best we can and want to thank you all in advance for your patronage, cooperation and mutual respect to one another as we enjoy another great season at the B.O.T., Let’s make this 2020 B.O.T. season the best there’s ever been.

B.O.T. Management


Warning: Any persons with health problems affected by fog machines, loud noises, & flashing lights proceed at their own risk!
Warning: The B.O.T. features a very rough, uneven dirt floor. The haunt is not easily navigable for guests with walkers, canes, strollers, or wheelchairs.
We recommend closed-toed shoes. Alert to people with breathing sensitivities: the B.O.T. is a musty, sometimes damp area, with fog machines.

Disclaimer & Warning: Occasionally photography and or filming activities are conducted at the B.O.T. Entry onto the property, into the B.O.T. facility,
and/or use of an admission ticket constitutes your consent for the B.O.T. to use any pictures or films it takes that you may be in without compensation.
Patrons must comply with all B.O.T. rules and regulations as posted at the B.O.T. and it web domains; violators may be turned away without refund.