The B.O.T. now offers the chance to take down Zombies in our new Zombie Paintball gallery. Individuals will be given the chance to purchase 40 to 90 paintballs at a time to test their aim against live actors and targets. This event is available every night of the B.O.T. and is an additional event that can be done in conjuction with or without the other events offered at the B.O.T.


Warning: Any persons with health problems affected by fog machines, loud noises, & flashing lights proceed at their own risk!
Warning: The B.O.T. features a very rough, uneven dirt floor. The haunt is not easily navigable for guests with walkers, canes, strollers, or wheelchairs.
We recommend closed-toed shoes. Alert to people with breathing sensitivities: the B.O.T. is a musty, sometimes damp area, with fog machines.